Quickcat Online is the fastest and most flexible method of cataloguing available today. It is fast because records are retrieved instantly and it is flexible because it retrieves them directly into the Heritage catalogue screen.

Quickcat Online uses the SOAP web service interface and provides access to over 20 million up-to-date British Library and National Library of Medicine catalogue records. This online database is updated regularly, making it a vital source of records for current as well as retrospective cataloguing.

Searching is possible using a number of fields including author, title, publisher and ISBN. Dewey classifications are imported as standard, but if NLM classifications are preferred, then this can be configured. Access to the online data is free to users with a standard Heritage annual maintenance agreement.

Summary of Features

  • Rapid cataloguing: items can be catalogued in under 5 seconds.
  • If catalogue information exists regarding a book or journal it appears instantly.
  • Users can choose to import British Library or National Library of Medicine records.
  • Items with no ISBN can be accessed by searching other fields (e.g. Author, Title etc).

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