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Additional Modules

Additional modules for Heritage Cirqa come in all ranges and sizes, from the relatively simple Reader Import Module through to Serials Management, which is a specialised environment in its own right. These modules can be 'bolted-on' to the core Heritage Cirqa software at any time; since data is shared between all modules they are fully-integrated upon installation. 

  • Heritage Online: Web-based access (OPAC) for your users - searching, lists, borrower information (essential for use with Heritage Cirqa)
  • Heritage Connect: live link to other systems to retrieve data e.g. borrower records from administration systems
  • Acquisitions: Manage the ordering of monographs.
  • Serials Management: journal subscriptions and cataloguing
  • Inter-Library Loans: manages all aspects of ILLs, particularly from the British Library
  • Advanced Bookings: reserve items (or facilities) for a fixed period in the future
  • Quickcat Online: access over 20 million British Library and National Library of Medicine records to speed up cataloguing
  • Heritage Biometrics: links your Heritage system to fingerprint recognition technology for identifying borrowers
  • Fines: automatically apply and escalate fines for overdue items
  • MARC Cataloguing Module: import, create, edit and export MARC 21 records
  • Heritage Self-Service: enables integration with self-issue systems
  • Off-line circulation: carry on issues and returns when your system is unavailable for any reason

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