Inter-Library Loans

This comprehensive module allows you to request items from any library and manage the process of acquiring and returning them afterwards. Your readers can request loans for items not held in stock and they can track the progress of their request via the Heritage Online reader information screen.

One key feature of this module is compatibility with the British Library Document Supply Centre using their ARTEmail system and photocopies or electronic documents can be delivered directly to the reader if preferred.

The ILL module includes the facility to charge readers both for the cost of the requested service and a local library administration charge and also set limits on how many ILL requests are allowed. Statistics can be generated for ILL activity and processed in the usual way through the Heritage Report Writer and a full history is maintained for future reference.

Summary of features

  • Automates many of the processes involved when requesting items from the British Library using ARTEmail
  • Includes fax and letter templates for sending requests to other libraries as well as copyright declaration forms
  • Optional charging facility
  • Readers can track progress of requests
  • Items can be delivered directly to readers
  • Limits can be set on the number of requests allowed by category of reader
  • Inter-library loans records can be searched to check if a user has previously requested an item
  • Statistics can be compiled on ILL activity

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Heritage Inter-libary Loans


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