Heritage Connect

Libraries are not islands and the ability to connect to other departments is increasingly important. For example, personal data held in Management Information Systems is almost certainly required in the Library System too. Sharing data around the organisation avoids duplication of effort and ensures a greater consistency of data quality.

Heritage Connect Live

Offers a real-time update link between the Management Information System in your institution and your Heritage reader records. Call up the details of a borrower in Heritage and it will immediately update the record from your central database. Your HR, or Student Records Office take care of the maintenance and you get on with the business of running your library.

Heritage Connect Live uses ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) to link to other databases. This interface is available on nearly all database systems including those based on SQL such as SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL and SQL Anywhere.

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Heritage Connect - an Introduction

Reader Import Module

This highly flexible facility is for users who require a transfer and conversion of data from an external source into Heritage, but not necessarily live and in 'real-time'. This would be useful, for example, where the Management Information System in an institution is off-limits for networking or security reasons and therefore precludes the use of Heritage Connect. It would also be the solution for systems where IS Oxford are hosting Heritage Cirqa for you (most institutions would not be keen on an externally-hosted system having direct access to their servers). A csv (or other delimited) file of borrower data, supplied by the customer's local IT support, is required, containing all the fields the library staff require. We would advise a scheduled export of data to this file. A scheduled import from this holding file can then be set up using the Heritage Cirqa Event Scheduler, with the frequency determined by library staff, thereby automating the update process.  


The above modules are concerned with borrower data. Catalogue data can also be imported with one of the many catalogue data import modules we have created over the years. The most well known and used of these is Quickcat Online, but we also have conversion modules for data source suppliers including: Askews, Bertram Library Services, BNB, Books for Students, Coutts, Dawsons, Endnote, Heath Books, Holt Jackson, Inmagic, Kent Books, Parkers, Somertons, TES Bookfind and Whitakers.



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