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Heritage 4

The Heritage Library Management System is our mature Windows product. Developed over twenty years, it is highly functional and is suitable for libraries where access to the administrative functions via the internet is not essential. It is excellent value for money, providing five main modules (see below) in the core product. We also offer a number of additional modules for more specific requirements.

  • Cataloguing: catalogue all types of material: books, PDFs, CDs, DVDs, websites, documents
  • Circulations: issue and return, reserve and chase up overdue items
  • Management and Reports: produce reports and statistics, schedule activities, import/export and bulk data modification
  • OPAC an internal enquiry menu, similar in function to Heritage Online but not accessible from the internet. NB. It is possible to use Heritage Classic and Heritage Online together if online access for your end users is required.
  • Housekeeping: all the tools you need to make global changes and set rules for running the system

Heritage includes most of the functionality of Heritage Cirqa but development work on Heritage ceased in 2013. The final version of Heritage is 4.2.10c. Heritage will continue to be supported for many years to come. Heritage users can upgrade to Heritage Cirqa at any time - purchasing the Heritage Online module will qualify them for a free upgrade.

For more information about Heritage please contact our Sales Manager, Emma Duffield.


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