Acquisitions Control

Administration makes heavy demands on staff time and, for many, stock purchasing is the most demanding of all. 'Acquisitions' is the collective term for administering the ordering, chasing, receiving and accessioning of new or replacement stock. It can be a fussy and drawn-out process, which is why Heritage Acquisitions can take the strain and free you up to do more of the things you joined the profession for.

Heritage manages the whole cycle of ordering. From the creation of supplier records right through to the distribution of received stock. Order, or chaser, letters and emails can be designed as templates and then used automatically by the system, to move the order along. Printing these communications can even be scheduled to run automatically, out of hours, to reduce the demand on printers.


Multiple budgets can be managed, so that you always know where you are with expenditure. Rules can be set for budgets with prompts warning of low levels. Departmental expenditure can be monitored and statistics generated for a clear picture of how spending is decided.

Receipts are implemented through a number of processes, depending on rules specified at the order stage, to fit the intended destination of the items.

Acquisitions Summary Features

  • Simple budgets allocations - updated either on despatch, receipt, invoicing or completion of the order.
  • Redistribution budgets can be set to split the value of orders between other budgets.
  • Claims facility to automatically send reminders for items not supplied within a specified time.
  • Order information, such as item details, order number, budget and price, can be downloaded from Dawson enterBooks, Books for Students or the Coutts OASIS system.
  • Supplier records.
  • Multi-site ordering.
  • Generate order letters and lists automatically.
  • Order on Approval.
  • Make 'Open' orders.
  • Specify delivery instructions.
  • Full receipting, plus accessioning at the point of receipt.
  • Cancel and return orders.
  • Invoice details recording.
  • Audit Trail – allows you to track the history of individual transactions.





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