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IS Oxford Technical Support

"Thanks .. for the brilliant continued support from ISOxford – I can honestly say that in all my working life, there has not been a company whose customer care and system development have both been excellent."

Jennifer Hilton, Derby College

What do we want from a support service? Speedy, knowledgable and accurate problem-solving for a start! At IS Oxford we have weighted our organisational structure towards customer support, development and training so that eighty percent of our staff are employed in those capacities.

Support Desk

The Heritage Support Desk is open Monday to Friday. 8:00am to 5:00pm and help can be provided via telephone, email or the internet. When you first contact our support desk a Support Receptionist will log your call and provide you with a call reference number. The Receptionist will prioritise your call based on the impact on normal operation of the software which ensures that those in urgent need are dealt with as soon as possible. The call logging system ensures that nobody is lost in the system or forgotten and our aim is to respond to all calls within four working hours. We also utilise the latest online support software systems to take a more direct involvement in rectifying difficult problems where necessary.

Marvin Forum

Marvin is a forum available via our dedicated Support website. It is an excellent means of getting advice and support from other users of Heritage and Heritage Cirqa as well as our support and development teams. There are typically 5-10 messages a day and it is not uncommon for an answer to come back with a few minutes of posting a question. Reports are particular favourites, but all subjects from how to catalogue certain types of material to dealing with difficult students arise.

Upgrades to Heritage & Heritage Cirqa

Upgrades are provided free of charge with the annual support contract. The only exception to this would be where an upgrade involves a bought-in component where it is not possible to absorb the cost into the standard cost of maintenance. The last time this happened was in 2003 and there is no expectation of it being repeated in the foreseeable future. We usually release one major upgrade a year which can be downloaded from our support website. There are sometimes minor releases made between the major ones, which are also available over the internet. Notification of upgrades will be by email unless we have been advised that there are no email facilities available. You don't have to take these upgrades at the time they are released if you would prefer to wait until things are quieter in your resource centre.

Contact us for a brochure describing our Training and Support Services in more detail.

"Heritage & Heritage Cirqa Support Weekly" Email Service

Each week you will receive an email with hints and tips for getting the best out of Heritage and Heritage Cirqa. Sometimes it will be something very simple, such as a useful keystroke you might not be familiar with, and sometimes it might be something quite involved, like instructions on how to customise an area of the system or offer a new service to your users. The emails started in July 2012 and have become incredibly popular with our users.

"I just love your weekly tips, as a solo librarian of a busy library it makes it easy for me to make quick changes and improvements that I wouldn’t otherwise have time to research and then do."

Fiona Lees
Newbury College

Support Website

A dedicated website available only to Heritage users. This is a first port of call if you need access to an extensive library of Helpsheets and Quicktips and it is updated regularly with the latest information.

Upgrades and patches can be downloaded from here and you can book training courses. You can also view and update any cases you have logged with our support team.

Remote Upgrades

If you want to upgrade to a new version of Heritage or Heritage Cirqa and are worried about finding the time in a busy schedule, then our support technicians can do it for you. They can run the installation remotely and check that everything is as it should be, leaving you to get on with running your busy resource centre.

System MOT - let us optimise your Heritage system

A system MOT could be exactly what you need to ensure you are getting the best performance out of your Heritage library management system. There are two ways we can provide a system optimisation service:

  • On-site MOT - one of our Senior Support Engineers would visit your library and run a full system health check on your current version of Heritage in order to fine tune your system before installing the latest available upgrade.  We are happy to work independently or in conjunction with IT staff to get the job done.
  • Remote MOT - available at a special price of £245 plus VAT, we can use TeamViewer to work on your system with you so that you can see all operations and discuss each stage as it happens. We would agree beforehand which tasks to prioritise and then achieve as much as possible in a three-hour session. Additional time can be agreed as required at a standard half-hourly rate.

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