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Worle Community School is an oversubscribed school on the edge of Weston-super-Mare. It has been an Arts college since September 2000, specialising in Media Arts.

What range of media do you hold in your library? Is it all catalogued on Heritage?
All books and a few talking books (CDs) although our IT manager intends to use the system to catalogue her software and lap tops so she can keep track of who has borrowed them!
Can you remember where you first heard about Heritage? Did you look at our website before contacting us?
We heard about Heritage from our Data Manager, who previously worked at Milfield school. We also looked at your website.
Do you remember how many library management systems you looked closely at?
We only looked at Heritage and Oliver.
What were you looking for in a library management system? What were your priorities?
A more modern system than the one we were currently using (DTE) with regular upgrades and good support. More scope to use it across the school.
Why did you choose Heritage over the other system you were considering?
Initially the sales pitch, the in-house demo. We didn’t feel pressurized to buy, but everything was explained clearly to us. The whole format of Heritage was more pleasing.
What are your overall impressions of IS Oxford staff (this includes Sales, Training and Support staff, plus any Developers you may have dealt with)?
Everybody we have come into contact with has been brilliant. Quick replies to queries and clear explanations where necessary. Good, polite service at all times.
What did you think of the Heritage training?
Unfortunately I missed it due to a volcanic ash cloud! Allison and Kay, my assistant, attended and they both found it very helpful for the initial set up of the system – setting the rules etc. Allison felt that some of the afternoon session would have been better if it had been in the morning. Kay learned more than she thought she did as she has been very helpful to me since I’ve been back and we are using the system well at the moment!
How have you found the support service from IS staff?
Have only used it twice so far but it has been very goodWorle library team
Have you used the support website? How useful have you found it?
We have found it very helpful and have been able to obtain the Helpsheets when we have needed them.
How has Heritage improved the day-to-day running of the library and services offered to your users?
It is early days yet as we have only been running a couple of weeks and we have only just had the Heritage Online module installed. Cataloguing has been speeded up with Quickcat Online and we wouldn’t be without it now!
Do you have any other comments you would like to make about IS Oxford or Heritage? Would you recommend it/us to other libraries?
From start to finish our conversion from DTE and installation of Heritage has been smooth and efficient. IS Oxford is a company which offers the personal touch – a rarity in this day and age and it has been a pleasure to work with all concerned. I would definitely recommend Heritage to other libraries.

Worle Community School have been using Heritage since 2010 and currently have two additional full access licences, Heritage Online Small, the Quickcat Online Module and the Reader Import Module.


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