Heritage CIRQA in Theological Libraries

Heritage is used in a good number of Theological libraries around the UK and across a number of different religious traditions. Of course there is no such thing as a typical Theological library because we have large colleges at one end of the spectrum and small Special Libraries attached to professional bodies at the other. A number of Theological Libraries do have one thing in common however: important historical collections.

Heritage Cirqa provides all of the regular administrative facilities that are required for Theological Libraries, but it also offers unparalleled cataloguing facilities. Cataloguing can be tailored to create new types of media, with their own fields and indexing conventions so that virtually any object can be recorded and described on the system. Images and facsimiles of documents can be added and viewed by users so that the originals can remain protected from handling.

Case Studies

We provide a number of brief case studies for you to read. For Theological Library case studies click the following links.

St Mary's College Oscott

Sarum College

The Willen Library


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