“With the probable forthcoming introduction of obligatory CILIP Revalidation, this Flagship Programme is an excellent way to gain those all-important 20 hours of CPD and enhance your LMS at the same time.”

Linda Dawes, Harlaxton College

What is it?

The Flagship Site Programme is an initiative which recognizes institutions which have optimised their use of Heritage Cirqa and Heritage Online by implementing a range of features and facilities recommended by the programme. All those institutions who have completed the programme are awarded 'Flagship Site' status and are provided with a logo to display on their Heritage Online and/or institution website. 

“I am learning a great deal with these challenges, what a fantastic idea the Flagship programme is!”

Emma Berry, Stratford-upon-Avon College

How does it work?

The programme is delivered as part of the existing Support Weekly email service. First starting in September 2015, participating sites were given one challenge per month, with full instructions as to how to implement the features or content on their system. Evidence of completion of each challenge is required via our Support website ( There are 10 challenges in all, and the last challenge was originally issued in June 2016. Flagship Site status began to be awarded to successful institutions in July 2016.

"It’s hard to argue with a programme that’s free, directly relevant to my job and requires no input from others here to make happen."

Pam Firth, West Thames College

Why introduce Flagship Site status?

Emma Duffield, our Sales Manager, has been sending "Support Weekly" (hints and tips) emails to all Heritage and Heritage Cirqa users since July 2012. We have had excellent feedback on these from our users. We know that many users save the emails with the intention of coming back to them at a later date and implementing them, but we also know that in a busy library that day rarely comes!

The programme was originally conceived as an added incentive to action some of the ideas we had already introduced users to via the weekly emails.  By July 2016 everyone participating in the first year of challenegs had significantly enhanced their knowledge and use of Heritage Cirqa and Heritage Online. 

Our Flagship sites are excellent examples of how Heritage Cirqa and Heritage Online can be used. Certificates are provided to all those who complete the programme. 

What's in it for individuals? 

In addition to earning Flagship site status for their institution, every individual who completes the programme benefits from a 10% discount on future etrainer sessions. This is theirs for ever, even if they should move to another library! 

Cara Clarke from QA Higher Education wrote a very interesting blog post about her experience of the Flagship Programme. 

More information about the Programme, including the details of the challenges, is available exclusively to Heritage & Heritage Cirqa users at


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