Training Workshops

A great way to receive top-up training whilst sharing the costs with other institutions. Each session is focussed on a specific topic area, so you can be sure you get just the training you need. Sharing the workshop with other institutions not only keeps cost down, but also makes for a fertile atmosphere in which ideas are freely exchanged and many feel that this was an unexpected bonus from the day.

We run sessions at our Oxford premises and at venues around the UK and Ireland. Last year we offered over thirty specialist Training Workshops.

Workshops in Oxford

Most workshops run from our Oxford premises, which have the advantage of purpose-built training room facilities equipped with big screen projection and a PC per visitor. However, perhaps the biggest advantage of coming to Oxford is getting away from the distractions of your institution, so that you can get the most from the opportunity.  The costs of the workshop are shared, which makes for really affordable, high quality training.

Workshop sessions are completely hands-on and differ from bespoke training as the content of each course is pre-set and covers only a specific module or area of Heritage.  Each course is accompanied by a workbook which you can annotate and take away. 

The workshop program is updated annually to include some exciting new topics as well as repeats of our most popular courses.  We are happy to consider extending the range of workshops on request, so if you have a workshop you would like to see on the agenda please let us know. Likewise if you have a potential venue for a Workshop please get in touch.

Forthcoming workshops

The following is a list of forthcoming Heritage Training workshops. Please log in to our support website for more information or to place a booking.

Common Workshop Titles

  • An introduction to Reports
  • Making the most of Advanced Reports
  • Managing and Troubleshooting Serials
  • Making the Most of Heritage (Refresher)
  • Understanding the Management Menu
  • Stocktaking and Accession Management
  • Tidy up Your Heritage Data
  • Heritage for Technical Users
  • Tools for Schools

Example Workshop Content

One of the workshops we run on a regular basis is 'An Introduction to Reports'. This is a typical Workshop and the description below gives an idea of what to expect.

Introduction to Reports Workshop

Who should attend?
  • New Heritage users, or those recently upgraded to Heritage
  • Librarians responsible for regularly producing library statistics
  • Heritage users who have limited knowledge of Heritage AdHoc Reports
  • Beginners and Intermediate level report writers
  • More experienced users who want to consolidate their existing knowledge before attending a ‘Heritage Advanced Report Writing’ workshop.

The aim of the day is to cover an introduction to UNDERSTANDING and CREATING your own reports.

Course Content
  • An introduction to the theory of Command Line Report creation
  • The differences between Command Line and Banded Reports
  • Writing a Command Line Report
  • The Building Blocks: S.S.S (Selection, Showing, Sorting)
  • The Ornamentals
  • Copying an existing Banded Report – Overdue Letters
  • Guide to creating Command Line Reports
  • Knowledge consolidation exercises

'...Absolutely invaluable training, and I cannot wait to get started!'...'This was a very useful workshop which I would recommend to anyone thinking of undertaking a stock take in Heritage Cirqa. Course materials are very accessible, and the trainer was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Really good value.'

Amanda Hartley-Newton
Shrewsbury Colleges Group


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