We have been holding Open Days at the Chapel in Oxford since 2009, but we're very aware that we have a large number of users for whom the journey to Oxford is prohibitive. This year, therefore, we've decided to take something of the Open Day experience out on the road, giving more users a chance to meet IS Oxford staff and learn a bit more about Heritage Cirqa.

"It was a very useful session. Well delivered and I enjoyed it."

Belay Desta, South Thames College

"Both sessions were very informative and my colleague and I came away with lots of ideas of things to put into practice and try out. We learnt lots about how to search our data and make the best use of it. Both Eoin and Tom were very knowledgeable and able to answer our questions and their presentation style was enthusiastic."

Michelle Treccani-Chinelli, Kingston Maurward College

What does a Regional Event involve?

Our Regional Events will follow the same general pattern. A typical itinerary would be as follows:

  • 9.30am Coffee and tea will be available at each venue on the morning as everyone arrives. Our trainers will, once set up, be delighted to meet and chat with attendees before the program starts.
  • 10.30am The morning session will begin with a brief introduction to the latest features in Heritage Cirqa and also our developments in Heritage Online (including the MyCirqa reader app) so you are up to date with what’s new. Following this will be a presentation-style training session on ‘Understanding, Streamlining and Optimising your Data’ – think of it as a long-overdue spring clean for your system!
  • 12.30pm Buffet lunch
  • 1.00pm During the afternoon session the trainers will expand on the themes introduced during the morning presentation.
  • 2.30pm Session ends

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you ... A truly inspiring day leaving me with no doubt that we are seriously underusing our Heritage system. I am so looking forward to getting my teeth into making improvements, but I do have a lot to learn, so you may get lots of phone calls. Thanks again to both Tom and Eoin who together make an excellent team and got the message across at the right level so an inexperienced Heritage user like myself understood."

Carolyn Buxton, Coleg Cambria

"Not only was talk on scheduling very clear there was also invaluable information on making the most of enquiry groups for Heritage Online which is something I had overlooked before. I have not been to these events before but I now realise they are essential to me. "

Paul Cheeseman, London College UCK

Regional Events 2019

London Event 2015

We have no events booked yet for 2019. Could you be a host (see below)?

To book places please complete the online form, or for further details contact us.​


Could YOU host a Regional Event?

If you are interested in hosting a regional event please see below for our list of venue requirements. 

  • Ample (preferably free) parking for the attendees (please provide prices for session duration if there are costs) and/or located with good access to public transport.
  • Able to provide a site map/location map that we can forward to prospective attendees.
  • A lecture theatre or large room that can seat up to 40 attendees* with AV facilities (projector or similar - our Trainers will need to be able to connect their laptops to this, to use their own copy of Heritage Cirqa for the presentation).  Chairs and, ideally, desks for attendees. A PA system would be useful, though not essential.
  • Please note that we do require the confirmed attendance of at least 15 people from other institutions (i.e. outside the hosting organisation) to ensure that the event can take place. Without this confirmation we may be forced to cancel the event.
  • Reliable unrestricted Wi-Fi, for the presentation of Heritage Cirqa (our Trainer will need to connect a laptop to an unrestrictede Wi-Fi network)
  • On the day of the Regional event we will require a member of your IT Support staff to be at hand to fix any technical problems that may arise whilst delivering the presentation using your AV facilities.
  • Provision of a separate function room to serve refreshments away from the presentation area, with easy access to toilets.
  • Tea/coffee/biscuits to be served on arrival and after lunch - it would be very helpful if you could provide a quotation per head for the catering when you contact us.
  • A buffet-style lunch.

If you are able to provide the above then please get in touch with Craig Smith, our Support Services Co-ordinator and he will send you further details. We are particularly interested in venues where there is no hire charge for the room as we want to offer these events free of charge to all Heritage and Heritage Cirqa users where possible.


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